The Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is well known to all supercar drivers. Designed over 50 years ago, the overall look of the car has changed little and the driving experience remains one of the benchmarks others aspire to. The modern 911s continue this heritage by keeping the ideals fundamental to the original design while refreshing the performance, power units and interiors.

The Porsche 997 (911) Turbo has the six cylinder turbo engine, one of the definitive elements of the 911. The car is compact and flat and it's rear generated power delivers the most amazing experience thanks to years of evolution.

The longevity of the Porsche 911 as one of the best loved supercars in no coincidence. They work very hard to keep the balance between innovation and modernity whilst keeping true to a tried and tested design formula. Few cars can attract a 'legend' status and the Porsche is the only car in the top 5 of 'Car of the Century'.

The Porche 911 cabriolet is a great car to drive. It has all the poise and power of a 911 and is one of the easiest supercar cabriolets to hire. It looses none of the rigidity of the hard top and grips just as hard in the corners. Noise and turbulance from the outside world is minimal except the wonderful notes coming from the superb engine.

Simply drop the hood down and enjoy.


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